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Your say on telephone self service

In May 2012, the Department of Human Services invited customers and staff to share what future telephone self services they would like to access and how they would want to get support if they needed assistance or encounter problems.

Feedback and ideas were sought on how we could improve our telephone self service. We wanted to gain insight into customers’ current experiences with telephone self service and design a new integrated and improved telephone self service offer.

Over 200 customers and staff were involved in the online discussion. The discussion topics centred on:

  • preferred method of verification
  • services available to access via telephone self service
  • support options, and
  • what would encourage you to frequently use telephone self service.

Participants were also invited to complete a short survey for the purpose of understanding views on the current telephone self service offer and gain insight into customers’ current interactions. Over 300 survey responses were received during the two week period.

We received valuable feedback and suggestions about how we could improve our telephone self service. You told us that you want a telephone self service which is quick and easy to navigate that includes support functions if required. You also said that you want more services available via telephone self service that meet your specific needs.

Your input has helped us to ensure we are designing future telephone self service that meets your needs and expectations. Your feedback through speechbubble and other activities will influence and shape the design of future telephone self service offered by the Department of Human Services.