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Using speechbubble to shape our service commitments

As part of the feedback and research process that was undertaken to develop our service commitments, the draft commitments (that were developed through face-to-face workshops) were published on speechbubble for comment.

During the ten days speechbubble was open for comment, from 16 – 25 March 2011, it provided staff, customers and stakeholders with the opportunity to view the draft service commitments and provide feedback. The service commitments have replaced the Service Charters for Centrelink, Medicare Australia and the Department of Human Services

Based on the feedback we received, we were able to improve the content and layout of the service commitments. For example, you told us that Respect was the most important aspect of our service commitments, so we have prioritised this to be our first commitment.

You also told us that some of the language was too corporate, and suggested removing terms such as co-location and coordinated. These suggestions have been taken on board and are reflected in the final document.

Your feedback also indicated that Genuine Consultation should be viewed as an important day-to-day practice, rather than a one-off step in a process.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in speechbubble. You were confident in providing candid feedback about the commitments and our departmen’s ability to uphold it. The forum provided a channel for customers, staff and community groups to share suggestions for improvement and discuss options with each other.

You can read our service commitments on the Human Services website.