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Your say on our Digital Support Products

From 7 to 11 September 2015, the Department of Human Services asked customers and staff about what they thought about the department’s digital support products. This included the department’s video demonstrations and step-by-step guides.

The speechbubble forum generated over 166 comments and there were 335 online surveys completed about what customers and staff thought about the department’s digital support products.

Feedback was sought on four discussion topics that included product awareness, user experience, further support and improvements.

From the comments, the location of the digital support tools and the need for further support within the digital channel were two main themes that emerged in almost every discussion topic.

  • Location – customers said that they struggled to find the digital support products on the intranet and internet. They also suggested including the relevant digital support product within the related pages on the Human Services website or having it available within the relevant online account or app.
  • Further Support – many customers made it clear that they would like to see further support within online services and apps in the form of intuitive technology and pop-up features. They indicated that further promotion of the support products across the department would be beneficial.

Your input was important in this speechbubble activity and the department has carefully considered feedback and already implemented some suggestions. This will help improve the way the department develops and designs digital support products for customers and staff into the future.