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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Since we launched speechbubble in March 2011, we have run several consultations to seek your feedback, insights and ideas on our department’s initiatives.

The response has been overwhelming and we thank everyone who has shared (and continues to share) their comments to help us improve our services.

We think it’s important to share with you how your contributions have helped to shape¬†the initiatives¬†you provided feedback on.

You can find a summary of each activity below.

Your say on our Digital Support Products – 2015

Your say on social media – 2013

Your say about – 2012

Your say on live chat – 2012

Your say on preparing a child for school – 2012

Your say on telephone self service – 2012

Your say on mobile apps – 2012

Using speechbubble to shape our service commitments – 2011